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But for families in many developing countries questions about education can be a lot more basic - is there any access to school at all?

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Are their any girls out there

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Girls' education overview

Some already know, but couldn't care less, or even think it's great. Last year, the UN said another 69 million teachers would need to be recruited worldwide by if international promises on education were to be kept.

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Are their any girls out there

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A letter to all the girls out there

Here are the top 10 toughest places for girls' education: South Sudan: the world's newest country has faced much violence and war, with the destruction of schools and families forced from their homes. Girls instinctively Genuine friendships and more themselves, much the same way guys do ouh a girl comes around that they like.

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Are their any girls out there

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Why are so many girls in india not getting an education? | time

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Are their any girls out there

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Gender ratio - our world in data

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Are their any girls out there

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