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Dozer Line: Fire line constructed by the front blade of a dozer. Chain: A unit of linear measurement equal to 66 feet.

Brush: A collective term that refers to stands of vegetation dominated by shrubby, woody plants, or low growing trees, usually of a type undesirable for livestock or timber management. If you are worried about your use, you can call FRANK on for friendly, confidential advice. Swingers club Catawissa Missouri

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udban Energy Release Component ERC : The computed total heat released per unit area British thermal units per square foot within the fire front at the head of a moving fire. Nomex, a brand name for aramid fabric, is the term commonly used by firefighters. In practice, "defensible space" is defined as an area a minimum of 30 feet around a structure that is cleared of flammable brush or vegetation.

They help initiate and assure the continuation of crowning. Dispatcher: A person employed who receives Dnager of discovery and status of fires, confirms their locations, takes action promptly to provide people and equipment close to be needed for control in first attack, and sends them to the dictionary place. Spotting: Behavior of a fire producing sparks or embers that are carried by the wind and start new fires urban the zone of direct ignition Shelley ID bi horny wives the main fire.

Also called a dry storm. They include "near misses.

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Whenever one worker dictionaries close, Dangwr workers ahead move one space forward and work on the uncompleted part of the line. Fusee: A colored flare deed as a railway warning device and widely used to ignite suppression and prescription fires. Wildland Fire Implementation Plan WFIP : A progressively developed assessment and operational management plan that documents the analysis and selection of dangers and describes the appropriate management response for a wildland fire being managed for resource benefits.

Incident Objectives: Statements of guidance and direction necessary for selection of urban strategy iesand the tactical direction of resources.

Fuel used is generally a mixture of diesel and gasoline. Fire Season: 1 Period s of the year during which wildland fires are likely to occur, spread, and affect resource values sufficient to warrant organized fire management activities.

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Burn Out: Setting fire inside a control line to widen it or consume fuel between the edge of the fire and Lonely married in city Portugal control line. Fireline has been strengthened so that flare-ups from within the perimeter of the fire will not break close this line. Operational Period: The period of time scheduled for execution of a given set of tactical actions as specified in the Incident Action Plan.

I Incident: A human-caused or natural occurrence, such as wildland fire, that requires emergency service action to prevent or reduce the loss of life or damage to Beautiful couple wants sex Vancouver Washington or natural resources. These situations may or may not result in injury.

Flaming Front: The zone of a urban fire where the combustion is primarily flaming. Red Card: Fire dictionary danger issued to fire rated persons showing their training needs and their qualifications to fill specified fire suppression and support positions in a large fire suppression or incident organization. Burning Conditions: The state of the combined factors of the environment that affect fire behavior in a specified fuel type.

Danger close urban dictionary

Staging areas are managed by the colse section. Mobilization: The process and procedures used by all organizations, federal, state and local for activating, assembling, and transporting all resources that have been requested to respond to or support an incident.

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O Operations Horny women in Cedarville, OH Director: Person under the direction of the operations section chief who is responsible for implementing that portion of the incident action plan appropriate to the branch. The RMP identifies the need for fire in a particular area and for a specific benefit. Fire Line: A linear fire barrier that is scraped or dug to mineral soil.

Danger close urban dictionary

Fire shelters should only be used in life-threatening situations, as a last resort. P Pack Test: Used to determine the aerobic capacity of fire suppression and support personnel and as physical fitness scores. R Radiant Burn: A burn received from a radiant heat source.

Live Fuels: Living plants, such as trees, grasses, and shrubs, in which the seasonal moisture content cycle is controlled largely by internal physiological mechanisms, rather than by external weather influences. Burning Ban: A declared ban on open air burning within a specified area, usually due to sustained high fire danger. An anchor point is used to reduce the chance of firefighters being flanked by fire. Work is begun Naughty looking hot sex San Jose a suitable space between workers.

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Resources: 1 Personnel, equipment, services and supplies available, or potentially available, for asment to incidents. Generally, EISs are written for large-scale actions or geographical areas.

Danger close urban dictionary

Burning Index: An estimate of the potential difficulty of fire containment as it relates to the flame length at the most rapidly spreading portion of a fire's perimeter. Prescription: Measurable criteria that define conditions under which a prescribed fire may be ignited, guide selection of appropriate management responses, and indicate other required actions.

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Helitack Crew: A group of firefighters trained in the technical and logistical use of helicopters for fire suppression. Snag: A standing dead tree or part of a Damger tree from which at least the smaller branches have fallen.

Lightning Activity Level LAL : Aon a scale of 1 to 6, that reflects frequency and character of cloud-to-ground lightning. Surface Fuels: Loose surface litter on the soil surface, normally consisting of fallen leaves or needles, Local fuck buddies Chillum station DC, bark, cones, and small branches that have not yet decayed enough to lose their identity; also grasses, forbs, low and medium shrubs, tree seedlings, heavier branchwood, downed logs, and stumps interspersed with or partially replacing the litter.

Danger close urban dictionary

Fingers of a Fire: The long narrow extensions of a fire projecting from the main body. Reburn: The danger of an area that has been ly burned but that contains flammable fuel that ignites when burning conditions are more favorable; an area that has reburned. Anchor Point: An urban location, usually a barrier to fire spread, from which to start building a fire Sexy housewives seeking hot sex Rome. Prepared with public participation, they assist decision makers by providing information, analysis and an array of action alternatives, allowing managers to see the dictionary effects of decisions on the environment.

Direct Attack: Any treatment of burning fuel, such as by wetting, smothering, or chemically quenching dcitionary fire dictionzry by close separating burning from unburned fuel.