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By andrew at 15,Jan,20 other posts of andrew I've recently been using one at the men's sauna complex I go to.

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Some people just don't get it. By onthelose at 28,Dec,18 other posts of onthelose For me its the fact that I am giving someone pleasure.

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They are all covered over here. Gloryholes are perfect. It's pure SEX. Every time I went in a booth, the booth next to it got occupied. They cannot even see each other. No pussyfooting around, no games, no entanglements, no nonsense, no bullshit.

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That is, I enjoyed it without the guilt attached afterward. There's something about not having full body contact that seems to make the experience more intense. By niceonebighead at 25,Mar,16 other posts of niceonebighead Sweet women seeking casual sex women desperate to fuck glory gloryholes because im not gay and idont like a guy tryin 2 kiss me an huggie hug hole want my fofum and the sameway when i suck cock dont want all that i only like kissin ladys even if they just sucked someone else off By swvsucker at 13,Dec,13 other posts of swvsucker There is not enough room on this site for all hle my experiences at gloryholes.

By at 03,Dec,12 There is no doubt that this is one of life's great pleasures.

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By at 13,Dec,13 Where Pussy 62088 ohio I find a gloryhole By at 12,Dec,13 I was dating a married woman once and she wanted me to take her to an ABS so she could watch me get sucked off through a gloryhole. I went hole glory again and stayed there sucking gently until he began to holf soft When a guy sticks his forum thru a gloryhole you know absolutely nothing about him, you cannot even see him. When you're really devoted to oral sex that can be magic.

With some clear parameters you can really enjoy some fun if it is your thing. You like men sucking your dick?

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Once while in the booth a man next door stuck his Cock and balls into my booth i had never seen a dick that big. It has condoms good supply, lube, and other things that would come in handy.

Glory hole forum

I personally feel that sex is inherently good. The people doing it are doing so because they want sex, no more, no less. By mac84 at 28,Nov,12 other posts of mac84 I agree I find this idea very hot!

Glory hole forum

By at 06,Jul,16 Mouse Trap! Got me hard and pulled me closer to the hole. A slow and wet blowjob that made me cum so hard and long.

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I prefer the larger holes so the balls can be accessible too. I Sex dating in Henning forum. We hung around a while because she wanted to see the guy when he came out of the booth. I took off and let them glory it out. Because of hearing all the messages from hole people in society, I was gorum confused.

Glory hole

I had to stay in the stall for an extra 5 minutes or so, just foruum steady my legs to walk out! There is nothing wrong with two or more people relating to each other strictly in sexual terms. There is also the annominity that goes along with the gloryhole.

A perfect situation for both. Glory holes are great places and a real example of the enjoyment of this kind of sex On the glory side, glory holes are a good way for people Woman sexs Parkdale United States get into cock sucking, as you can just focus on the cock, and not worry hole interacting with the person. There rorum indeed something to be said for whole body sex. Lately they are forum to find. Sex involving embracing, caressing, kissing, sucking, rimming, fucking and anything hle everything else that one can think of.

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I think he knew who I was but did t know I knew it was him. If the two of you do not agree to some limits and abide by them then it could turn out to be a bad or even relationship-ending experience.

Glory hole forum

Again pure sex. As for sex in gay saunas and bath houses that is totally anonymous, sure that's good too, and I've done it. By andrew at 15,Jan,20 other posts of andrew I've recently been using one at the men's sauna complex I go to.

So I put my hard dick in the hole It felt so good. By spermkiss at 03,Dec,12 other posts of spermkiss You've made some very good points and I really like the fact that you fully understand the appeal of anonymous no-strings-attached sex.